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Numbered edition souvenir tee, hand-sketched artwork—featured in an issue of our "Streams of Consciousness & Commentary" zine, done for our private exhibition.

  • Printed graphic of 'SKETCH' artwork.
  • Casual, Worn-In feel & fit. 
  • Limited Availability.

Fabric: High-Grade, Medium Density [+220 GSM] 100% Cotton
Designed and manufactured in-studio, USA


Excerpt passage from the "Streams of Consciousness & Commentary" zine:


"Corporatism, Trends and Cannibalism"

In today's society, an unsettling trend has emerged, steering the once-celebrated domains of artistic expression and avant-garde exploration toward a landscape dominated by fleeting attractions and quick wins. This shift, a reflection of the age-old conflict between artistry and commerce, sees the original ethos of creativity and innovation being sidelined in favor of what sells now, often at the expense of depth and enduring value. The result is a cultural milieu where the superficial often overshadows the substantial, turning spaces that were once bastions of forward-thinking into arenas of parody and mimicry.

The essence of what used to be a dialogue between individual identity and broader societal trends is now at risk of being drowned out by the clamor for immediate gratification. The real challenge for those who cherish genuine creativity is to sift through this noise, seeking out the remaining beacons of original thought and expression, which remind us of the potential for art to not only mirror but also challenge and reshape our understanding of the world.

In navigating the crossroads where art meets the corporate and trend-driven currents of today's society, we're compelled to recognize a critical dichotomy: the cannibalization of creativity and individuality in the pursuit of profit and popularity. This landscape, once fertile with the seeds of artistic innovation and genuine self-expression, now risks becoming a barren echo chamber, reverberating with the hollow sounds of conformity. The term "cannibalism" aptly encapsulates this phenomenon, highlighting a self-destructive cycle where the mindless pursuit of novelty misplaces substance, leaving little room for the authentic and the enduring.

Addressing this issue calls for a nuanced approach from us all—whether we're creating, consuming, or simply engaging with culture. It’s about fostering an appreciation for expressions of art and individuality that push boundaries and question the norm, rather than merely following the ephemeral tide. Through such thoughtful engagement, we can shift the narrative, ensuring that creativity serves as a lasting source of inspiration and innovation, rather than a momentary glimmer lost in the pursuit of the next big thing.

The relentless march of corporatism through the cultural landscape has not just reshaped but hollowed out the core of artistic endeavor, reducing once-thriving fields of creativity to barren marketplaces of corporate merch.

Art, in its purest form, offers a mirror to society and a window to unexplored worlds, but under the shadow of profit, it's been fragmented into easily sellable pieces, stripping away layers of meaning and depth. This commodification process doesn't just rob artists of their autonomy; it deprives society of the transformative power of art.

As creativity bows to commerce, we're left to ponder what we lose when art's value is measured in currency, not impact or innovation. This critical juncture challenges us to defend the sanctity of artistic expression against the tide of corporatism, ensuring that art remains a beacon of progress and reflection, not just another commodity to be traded.

In today's fast-paced cultural landscape, trends often dictate the rhythm of expression, subtly eroding the bedrock of individuality.

They present an illusion of choice, yet in reality, they funnel personal expression into narrow corridors of conformity. This cycle of adopting and discarding trends acts like a cultural cannibal, consuming distinctiveness and spitting out uniformity.

The genuine exploration of one's identity and creativity becomes collateral damage in the relentless pursuit of trendiness. As these trends wax and wane, they leave behind a homogenized culture where originality is overshadowed by the transient allure of fitting in.

The challenge, then, is for individuals to recognize the value of their unique voice amidst this noise—to anchor their sense of self not in the fleeting, but in the timeless pursuit of genuine expression. In fostering a culture that prizes individuality over ephemeral trends, we pave the way for a society that celebrates diversity and innovation at its core.
Corporatism’s tendrils cast a long shadow, extending into every facet of cultural expression. As we survey the landscape, the pressing question becomes how to confront the pervasive influence that prioritizes profit over the intrinsic value of art and individual expression. This engagement is not against the existence of corporations themselves, nor about defiance for its own sake, but against the grain of a dominant mindset and system that seeks to commodify diversity, thus stagnating innovation.

In this era where digital platforms significantly amplify corporate reach, we find ourselves at a crossroads. The digital age, while democratizing, paradoxically intensifies the commodification pressures, as algorithms favor mass appeal over niche innovation.

Yet, amidst this, a silver lining emerges—the essence of a counterculture that never sleeps nor settles. This essence acts as a natural counterbalance to the pressures and constraints imposed by a system obsessed with commodification, flourishing in response to attempts to confine and commercialize it.
By its very nature, the spirit of free thought and individualism that reside in counterculture will always challenge the dominant narrative, proving that the more corporatism tries to homogenize and monopolize cultural expression, the more potent and determined the forces of diversity and innovation become.

An offshoot of streams of consciousness and commentary, this series serves as a visual distillation of contemporary thought and discourse, capturing the undercurrents that shape our societal fabric into a graphic lexicon.
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